CFP: Studia Philosophica Estonica: Special issue on Mind and Folk Psychology

Submission deadline: August 15, 2015

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Special issue of Studia Philosophica Estonica
Mind and Folk Psychology, ed. by Bruno Mölder

Folk psychology is commonly understood as a conceptual framework that is comprised of concepts for making sense of people’s actions. Sometimes it is assumed that folk psychology fixes the meaning of mental terms. Some assume that social cognition is enabled by our implicit grasp of folk psychology. Supposing that folk psychology plays some such fundamental role, what does that tell us about the concepts of mind and mental states? Is a mental state a folk psychological construct? Are there aspects of mind that extend beyond the purview of folk psychology?

We welcome papers on this broad theme. Note that the extended deadline is August 15, 2015. Possible paper topics include but are not limited to the following:Case studies of particular kinds of mental states, with an eye to folk psychology

  • The mark of the mental. Is there one and is it related to folk psychology?
  • The impact of the sciences of the mind on our common-sense conception
  • Is folk psychology culturally relative? If it is, what does this mean for the concept of mind?
  • Is there a folk psychology at all?
  • Does folk psychology play a significant role in social cognition?
  • Studies of folk psychology which employ the methods of Experimental Philosophy

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