June 19, 2015
Department of Philosophy, University of Manchester

Arthur Lewis Buiding
United Kingdom


Gerald Gaus
University of Arizona
Natalie Gold
Institut Jean Nicod
Thomas Smith
University of Manchester

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Key themes:

We are sharing animals. We need to share to achieve our goals. In addition, and perhaps uniquely among species, we value sharing as an end in itself. 

We share agency when we act together, working with rather than around or alongside each other. We also share benefits and burdens (including responsibilities). We also speak of sharing attitudes, emotions and experiences. In what sense are such things shared? And what are the connections between these sorts of sharing? In particular, does the sharing of agency entail the sharing of attitudes, reasons or perspectives? And does it entail, or normatively require, a sharing of burdens and benefits? What are the conceptual connections between "sharing out" (apportioning) "sharing with" (co-ownership) and "sharing in" (participation)?


Jerry Gaus: ‘Amour-propre as a Basis of Fairness Norms (Or, Why Being Touchy Protects Egoists from Exploitation)’

Natalie Gold: Title TBA

Elisabeth Pacherie: 'Forms and Levels of Sharing in Joint Agency'

Thomas Smith: 'The Best Thing for Us to Do'

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June 1, 2015, 7:45pm BST

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