European Workshop on the Cognitive, Epistemic and Ethical Dimensions of the Internet

June 2, 2015
IFILNOVA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

Sala Multiusos 3
Av. de Berna, 26 - 4º Piso
Lisbon 1069-061




Robert William Clowes
IFILNOVA, NOVA University of Lisbon
Richard Heersmink
Macquarie University
Paul Smart
University of Southampton

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European Workshop on the Cognitive, Epistemic and Ethical Dimensions of the Internet
Speakers and Titles:

  • Cognition and the Internet: Extended, Transactive, or Scaffolded? presented by Richard Heersmink
  • The Web: Cognitive Boon or Burden?  presented by Paul Smart
  • Shapers or Makers: Should we want to Extend our Minds with Cognitive Tools? presented by  Robert Clowes

Recent work in the philosophy of cognitive science has placed emphasis on the central role of tools in human intelligence. The web, cloud technology, data-centric applications, wearables and mobile devices, all represent a new environment in which individual and group human cognition take place. According to the framework of the Extended Mind (Clark and Chalmers, 1998), the tools and artefacts we use can become actual parts of our minds. Other embodied perspectives on mind also hold that technologies and artefacts can be central shapers of mind. The question of what these frameworks might mean for actual human cognition as we lead ever more on a new ranges of devices is seldom broached. Much popular discussion has debated the ‘impact’ these technologies might have on our minds, and has often worried that we are in danger of undermining central human cognitive and social abilities with our use of internet technologies. 

This workshop (the first of a series) will especially emphasize the embodied, embedded, extended and enactive frameworks for understanding cognition to help theorize what we might expect for human knowledge, morality and cognition as we become ever more deeply dependent on a new regime of cognitive technologies. It will also attempt to plumb the new intellectual resources coming from contemporary philosophy and cognitive science to shed new light on the popular debate that mainly emphasizes the risks of the internet for human cognition, e.g., in books such as Nicholas Carr´s The Shallows

This workshop will bring together some of those who have been most active in theorizing the theoretical possibilities and practical consequences of human minds in the context of a new regime of cognitive technology to attempt to achieve a clearer understanding of how these ideas can be shaped up.

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