CFP: Online Companion to Anscombe’s Intention

Submission deadline: September 14, 2015

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As part of the “Intention, Action, and Art” project—developed jointly by the Nova Institute of Philosophy (IFILNOVA, New University of Lisbon) and the Program in Literary Theory (University of Lisbon), and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) [PTDC/FIL-FIL/116733/2010],— we are putting together an Online Companion to Anscombe’sIntention. We would like to invite philosophers interested in, and currently working on, Elizabeth Anscombe, namely on her Intention, to contribute to this project.

The companion will include an updated bibliography on Intention, and 20-30 short (500-1000 word) entries on assorted topics relevant to that book. We welcome entry proposals both on widely discussed topics (e.g. “under a description”, direction-of-fit, intention-in-action, reasons vs causes, motives, etc.), and on topics deemed to have been insufficiently considered.

Submissions considered through September 14, 2015. Accepted contributions will be published in January, 2016. Please contact Humberto Brito [[email protected]] prior to submission. Please find more details on the project website.

Help circulating this message is much appreciated. 

Humberto Brito
Post-doc IFILNOVA / Program in Literaty Theory

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