"30 Years Philosophy for Children in Austria - Human Rights - Philosophy as Form of Life"

October 15, 2015 - October 18, 2015
ACPC - Austrian Center of Philosophy with Children and Youth

Mozartgasse 3
Karl-Franzens-University Graz
Graz 8010

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Many parts of the world are immersed in conflict, whose causes include differences ranging from core values and cognitive orientations to knowledge, belief and faith. This precarious situation confronts us with major new challenges.

 Wildly divergent views of what it means to live a worthwhile life are exacerbated often by an inability to understand and respect “the other”. How can we learn to value and appreciate diversity?

 Transformational processes relating to specific new forms of informative change in democratisation, increasingly based on human rights, offer opportunities for new forms of living together and for enhanced communication and co-operation among different cultures. Herein lays new potential for integration and inclusion.

 Realizing this potential involves the renewal of relations between interculturality, cultural/ethnical identities, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity on the one hand and cultural diversity on the other hand.

 "New ways of thinking" are concealed within the complexity of these globalizing processes which, in turn, are reflected in changes to educational programmes. This conference aims to address the ever more intense debate surrounding the significance of "educational programmes" and generate new understandings. This, in turn, requires the development of specific strategies with the aim of enhancing critical, creative and caring thinking, intercultural dialogue and emerging new identities which may arise within the framework of possibilities of our commitment to peaceful coexistence.

 Philosophising with children and young people will become increasingly important as fosters skills relating to perception, interpretation, argument, critical and collaborative thought and judgement and helps to mediate between science and the living environment and strengthen the reflective potential.

 The aim is for young people everywhere to orientate themselves through critical thinking and organise their lives in a self-determined manner and thereby to contribute to promoting and better justifying justice and freedom.

 A fundamental concern of the conference is to reflect on the diversity of ways of life and enhance intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange among various philosophical approaches and theories in the context of today's world. Research and practice-oriented projects are presented and revealed in a new light.

 In addition to promoting philosophical discussion, the ACPC – Austrian  Center of Philosophy with Children organises its now traditional conference with the aim of building bridges among different scientific disciplines and in this way making explicit further knowledge bases both for educational concepts as well as educational initiatives.

 The themes of the conference essentially cover the following subjects:

 ·         Philosophy and Human Rights

·         Understanding Democracy

·         Community of Inquiry

·         Philosophy and Cultural Diversity

·         Challenges of Virtual Spaces on Philosophy with Children

·         Diversity of Ways of Life

·         Philosophy of Language

·         Relationships between Communication and Ways of Life

·         Inter- and Transdisciplinarity – Multiculturality

·         Lifelong Learning: Philosophical Perspectives and Education

·         Philosophy and Educational Processes

·         Horizons of Expectations for Children and Young People

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October 17, 2015, 2:00pm CET

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