Subjective Data and Science of Consciousness

October 26, 2015 - October 27, 2015
Université Paris-Sorbonne

28, rue Serpente


Florian Cova
Stevan Harnad
Elisabeth Irvine
Cardiff University
Uriah Kriegel
Institut Jean Nicod
Claire Petitmengin
Institut Mines-Télécom
Jérôme Sackur
Juan Santoyo
Brown University
Jonathan Schooler
University of California at Santa Barbara
Anil Seth
Sackler Center for Consciousness
Emile Thalabard
Université Paris-Sorbonne


Krystèle Appourchaux
Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne
François Kammerer
Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne
Max M Kistler
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Pascal Ludwig
Université Paris-Sorbonne

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Subjective Data and Science of Consciousness

How can subjective data inform a science of consciousness?

The recent growth of neuroimaging techniques raises quite a few philosophical and methodological issues: how should we interpret the neuronal data which underlie our conscious processes? Reviving the metaphysical question of the relationship between the body and the mind, these advances also bring forward an epistemological discussion: how can we relate - in practice - the informations that a subject gives us (through verbal reports) to the behavioral data and physiological measures which are part of the scientists toolbox for a study of consciousness? This event aims at gathering philosophers of science as well as neuroscientists and experimental psychologists, but also qualitative researchers in order to reach together a better understanding of the relationships that those different types of data entertain. We think that such an interdisciplinary dialogue will enable us to move forward on the fascinating - yet winding - road of the empirical study of consciousness.

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