A Relational Theory of Non-propositonal Attitudes
Alex Grzankowski (Cambridge University, Texas Tech University)

September 30, 2015, 12:15pm - 2:15pm
Department of Philosophy, University of St. Andrews

Room 104, Edgecliffe
Saint Andrews KY16 9AR
United Kingdom

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According to the ‘standard theory’, propositional attitudes are two-place relations holding between subjects and propositions. In the present paper, I consider the prospects of offering an analogue for non-propositional attitudes. As we will see, many of the same types of motivations and advantages that have made the standard theory of propositional attitudes attractive apply to non-propositional attitudes as well. Of course, in the case of non-propositional attitudes, objects other than propositions are called for and the suggestion to be offered is that non-propositional attitudes are two-place relations holding between subjects and properties.

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