Philosophy of Mental Time IV: Time, Experience, and Consciousness

January 31, 2016 - February 1, 2016
Nihon University

Minoosansou Kazenomori
Mino 562-000

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Touru Betsuyaku
Kyoto University
Lajos Brons
Nihon University
Yoshiyuki Hayashi
University of Tokyo
Saitama Medical University
Satoshi Hirata
Kyoto University
Jenny Hung
Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Shigeru Kitazawa
Osaka University
Kourken Michaelian
University of Otago
Ryosuke Ozawa
Osaka University


Lajos Brons
Nihon University
Takashi Iida
Nihon University

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This symposium/workshop is intended to promote communication between disciplines on topics related to the experience and awareness of time. The workshop/symposium will consist of two parts – the first focusing on the "specious present" and related ideas and research findings; the second discussing mental time travel and self-consciousness in animals and humans.

The symposium/workshop is part of a series of workshops by the Philosophy of Mental Time research group, which is itself part of the Science of Mental Time project (see: ).


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