Timothy Bayne (Oxford University)

March 9, 2012, 2:15pm - 4:15pm
Philosophy Department, Monash University

Philosophy Department Library (Room 916, Bldg. 11, Menzies West)
55 Wellington Rd
Melbourne 3800


University of Alabama, Birmingham

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Abstract: The idea that we might be able to read minds by inspecting brains has stimulated philosophical interest for decades, but with recent advances in neuroimaging this idea has now passed from science fiction and into science: brain-reading—or ‘brain decoding’, as it is also known—is now a burgeoning industry. This talk develops a framework for understanding the methodology that underpins brain-reading work, and examines various problems that confront attempts to engage in brain-reading. I conclude with a discussion of the relationship between neurally-based mind-reading on the one hand and the traditional forms of mind-reading--namely those provided by introspection and behaviour--on the other.   

Parking: Sharon Webb ([email protected] | (03) 9905 3209. 

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