The Language and Metaphysics of Normativity

May 30, 2016 - May 31, 2016
Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University


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Matti Eklund
Uppsala University
Daniel Fogal
Uppsala University

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The Department of Philosophy at Uppsala University will be hosting a conference on the language and metaphysics of normativity (broadly construed) on May 30-31, 2016. The conference is under the auspices of the Varieties of Normativity Project, and funded by the Swedish Research Council (


Monday May 30

9:30-10:40      Jack Woods: “The Authority of Formality”
10:50-12:00    Jussi Suikkanen: “Non-Realist Cognitivism, Truth, and Objectivity”
13:30-14:40    Emad Atiq: “Expressivist Explanations of Supervenience, Revisited”
14:50-16:00    Ragnar Francen Olinder: "Normative Disagreement - the Direction Account”
16:10-17:20    Stephanie Leary: “Grounding the Domains of Reasons"

Tuesday May 31

9:30-10:40      Justin Morton: “Grounding the Normative: A New Direction for Non-Naturalists”
10:50-12:00    Pekka Vayrynen: “Metaethics and Normative Explanation”
13:30-14:40    Abby Jaques: “Illicit Oomph (a worry for expressivists)”
14:50-16:00    Federico Faroldi: “The Scale of Normative Reasons”
16:10-17:20    Errol Lord & Kurt Sylvan: “Reasons: Right, Wrong, Normative, Fundamental”

Note: All talks will take place in the Gustavianum (Akademigatan 3, 753 10 Uppsala). There is no registration fee but please contact the organizers if you wish to attend.

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