The Human Mind Conference

June 27, 2017 - June 29, 2017
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge

The Møller Centre, Churchill College, Storey's Way
Cambridge CB3 0DE
United Kingdom

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  • John Templeton Foundation
  • Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge
  • Higher Education Funding Council of England (HEFCE)
  • School of Advanced Study, University of London

Main speakers:

Huda Akil
University of Michigan
Robyn Carston
University College London
Andy Clark
University of Edinburgh
Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Chris Frith
University College London
Philip Gerrans
University of Adelaide
Patrick Haggard
University College London
John-Dylan Haynes
Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Cecilia Heyes
Oxford University
Richard Holton
University of Cambridge
Robert W. Kentridge
Durham University
Michael G. F. Martin
University College London
Uta Noppeney
University of Birmingham
Lucy O'Brien
University College London
Anil Seth
Sackler Center for Consciousness
Dan Zahavi
University of Copenhagen


Colin Blakemore
School of Advanced Study, University of London
Tim Crane
University of Cambridge
Mattia Gallotti
School of Advanced Study, University of London
Alexander Greenberg
University of Cambridge
Anna Hopkins
School of Advanced Study, University of London

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These are exciting times to be studying the mind. The Human Mind Conference is an international, interdisciplinary event bringing together a wide range of experts from across the humanities and the cognitive sciences to discuss key aspects of mental life and experience. The event will provide a major statement of the current state of knowledge in the study of the mind, and it will identify future directions of research for the years to come.

Themes and Questions

The Conference will feature four sessions, each with a distinctive research focus:

Brain & World: Perception & Consciousness

  • How are perception and consciousness understood by philosophers, psychologists, and neuroscientists, and what might we gain from a cross-disciplinary perspective?
  • What are the relationships between perception, attention, and consciousness?
  • How much of perception is unconscious, and what role does unconscious perception play in our mental lives?
  • What has the search for neural correlates of consciousness achieved, and how might it be pursued in the future?

The Human Agent: Intention & Action

  • How do human agents reason about what to do?
  • What are the relationships between decision, intention and action?
  • How can neuroscience and psychology shed light on philosophical questions about agency, such as the questions of free will and free action?
  • What is the sense of agency and how should it be explained?  

Self & Other: Social Cognition & Communication

  • How do human language and communication work?
  • How do human beings understand the minds of others?
  • What kinds of skills, abilities or mechanisms sustain human social interactions?
  • What role does culture play in the formation of the human mind?

The Subject’s Point of View: Intentionality & Emotion

  1. What is it for human thoughts and feelings to represent the world?
  2. What are the relationships between meaning, mental representation and information?
  3. What are the emotions? In what ways are they shaped by history and culture?
  4. How do the psychological and neural mechanisms of emotion underlie the subject’s point of view on the world?

Call for Poster

We invite abstracts for poster presentations on any topic related to the conference themes from PhD students and early career researchers (no more than 5 years from completion of PhD). Abstracts should not exceed 500 words and should be suitably prepared for submission through EasyChair. To submit, please visit our website here:

The deadline for receipt of abstracts is 21st April 2017. Authors will be notified within the following two weeks. If you have any queries, please get in touch by email:

We strongly encourage submissions from those from under-represented groups in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience.

Registration to the conference will be free for poster presenters.


The Human Mind Conference is a collaboration between the New Directions in the Study of the Mind Project, University of Cambridge and The Human Mind Project, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

Everyone is welcome. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Any queries? Get in touch by email:

Event hashtag: #humanmind2017

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May 12, 2017, 7:00pm BST

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