Self: Between Consciousness and Non-Being

May 13, 2017 - May 14, 2017
Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University

Sapporo-shi 060-0810

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Main speakers:

David Chai
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ching-yuen Cheung
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Jonardon Ganeri
New York University
Shoshun Hayashidera
Hokkaido University
Noriaki Hosoda
Hokkaido University
Tomohiko Kondo
Hokkaido University
Haojun Zhang
Chinese University of Political Science and Law


Andrea Altobrando
Hokkaido University
Richard Stone
Hokkaido University
Shigeru Taguchi
Hokkaido University

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What do we have in mind when we think of a self? How is the self related to consciousness? Is it possible to have a self without consciousness or, otherwise, a consciousness without a self? Can self-consciousness provide direct evidence for the existence of a self? Or, rather, does the often alleged nonexistence of the self imply the nonexistence also of consciousness as well as its deceptive character?

The aim of this conference is to tackle the issue of the relationship between consciousness and the self, as well as of their existence, from a variety of philosophical and cultural intellectual traditions. The time has come to go beyond the sweeping generalizations (e.g. East vs. West) that have plagued attempts to understand culturally embedded views of the self, and instead provide a nuanced picture of how different traditions can provide a more fruitful dialogue concerning the relationship between self andconsciousness, as well as the concrete implications of either their existence and nonexistence.


The conference «Self: Between Consciousness and Non-being» will face the aforementioned problems as well as other related issues. In addition to the talks offered by our invited speakers, we welcome contributions from different perspectives, such as Philosophy of Mind, Phenomenology of Subjectivity, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Interculturality and Intercultural Philosophy, Ethics, Social Philosophy, and Political Philosophy.


Submission guidelines:

All proposals will be evaluated through a blind-review process. Therefore, those who wish to present at this conference should prepare two separate documents, containing:

1) The title and abstract (min. 250 – max. 400 words) of the presentation. The abstract should clearly state at least the following: the topic of the presentation, the manner in which the presentation contributes to this topic, and as the general line of thought of the presentation.

2) A separate cover letter including the following information: your name, affiliation and contact information; the title of your presentation.

To submit a proposal, send it as email attachment to: andalt[at]

Up to twelve contributions will be selected.

No travel nor accommodation grants can be offered to the selected speakers.

Please, make sure that the subject line of the email reads: Hokudai17_Self_Proposal

Deadline for submission: 15 November 2016.

Decisions will be communicated by 1 December 2016.

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