Anton Marty and Contemporary Philosophy

June 15, 2017 - June 17, 2017
Department of Philosophy, University of Geneva


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  • Swiss National Science Foundation


Ingvar Johannson
Umeå University
Claudio Majolino
University of Lille
François Recanati
Institut Jean Nicod
Benjamin Schnieder
Universität Hamburg
Gianfranco Soldati
University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Alberto Voltolini
Università degli Studi di Torino


Giuliano Bacigalupo
University of Geneva
Laurent Cesalli
University of Geneva
University of Salzburg
Hélène Leblanc
University of Geneva
Kevin Mulligan
University of Geneva
Hamid Taieb
University of Geneva

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For a long time in the shadows of his teacher Franz Brentano and other well-known pupils of his, e.g. Edmund Husserl and Alexius Meinong, Anton Marty did not receive the attention it deserves. Even if the situation has been partly corrected in recent years, there still is much room for improvement.

Two recent conferences on Marty – the Salzburg-Prague conference in 2014, and the opening conference of the SNF project “Meaning and Intentionality in Anton Marty” (Einsiedeln 2015) – were first steps into that direction, and shed light on the historical context of Marty´s philosophy.

In the closing conference of our research project, we intend to focus on the aspects of Marty´s work that deserve to find a friendly ear in the contemporary debate. Among these, one should mention his rich and careful analysis of language which builds on (Brentanian) philosophy of mind, a strong focus on the communicative, pragmatic aspect of language, and an original ontology in which universals nominalism and realism with respect to judgment contents (or states of affairs) coexist.

The conference will address issues pertaining to the fields of philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and ontology. Its aim is to encourage and feed the dialogue between contemporary philosophers and specialists in the Austro-German tradition in general, and of Marty´s thought in particular.


THURSDAY June 15, 2017

Philosophy of Language

13:30 Welcome and opening remarks


14:00-16:00 BENJAMIN SCHNIEDER (Universität Hamburg) and JAN CLAAS (Universität Hamburg):

Determining and Modifying Attributes

Respondent: GIULIANO BACIGALUPO (Université de Genève)

16h30-18h30 FRANCOIS RECANATI (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris):

Natural Meaning and the Foundations of Human Communication: a Comparison between Marty and Grice

Respondent: HÉLÈNE LEBLANC (Université de Genève)

FRIDAY June 16, 2017


10:00-12:00 INGVAR JOHANSSON (Umeå University):

Marty on Physical and Perceptual Spaces

Respondent: CLARE MAC CUMHAILL (Durham University)

14:00-16:00 THOMAS B. SATTIG (Universität Tübingen):

Experiencing Change: Extensionalism, Retentionalism, and Marty’s Hybrid Account

Respondent: GUILLAUME FRÉCHETTE (Universität Salzburg)

16h30-18h30 ALBERTO VOLTOLINI (Università di Torino):

A Syncretistic View of Existence and Marty’s Relation to It

Respondent: LAURENT CESALLI (Université de Genève)

SATURDAY June 17, 2017

Philosophy of Mind

09:00-11:00 MARK TEXTOR (King’s College, London):

Perceiving Meanings. Marty and Husserl on (Non-Natural) Meaning and Expression

Respondent: CLAUDIO MAJOLINO (Université Lille 3)

11:30-13:30 GIANFRANCO SOLDATI (Université de Fribourg):

Perceptual Appearances and Illusions

Respondent: HAMID TAIEB (Université de Genève - Universität Salzburg)

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