Emotions, Morality and Neuroscience à propos Jesse Prinz

May 25, 2012
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria



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Jesse Prinz has excelled in defense of naturalism in morality, in particular a kind of subjectivist, relativistic and a-rationalistic naturalism. His sensibility theory comprises a rejection of innatism in morals, besides to involve theses on philosophy of language, epistemology and empirical oriented disciplines like moral psychology, cognitive sciences and neuroscience. The fourth workshop of the Chiron Group will discuss the  best-known arguments put forward by Prinz in the field of morality, in addition to confronting them with the positions of Brazilian colleagues. Furthermore, Prinz will present and discuss a still unpublished work on the moral self and will put in perspective the empirical turn in philosophy in the beginning of this century. 


Friday 25th May 2012

Part I

10:30 – Jesse Prinz (CUNY) The Empirical Turn

12:00 –  Lunch

14:00 –  Jesse Prinz (CUNY) The Moral Self

Part II  

(Moderators: Flávio Williges and Tiegue Rodrigues)

15:00 – Nythamar de Oliveira (PUC-RS / CNPq) The Social Construction of Contractualism: Pragmatic Normativity and Weak Naturalism

16:00 – Coffee Break

16:30 – Adriano N. de Brito (Unisinos - Chiron / CNPq) Is, Ought, but no Truth

17:30 – Marco A. de Azevedo (Unisinos - Chiron) Duties, Oughts and Prinz’s Agent-Relativism.

18:30 – Plenary 

19:00 – End of the workshop

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