Graduate Conference: The Legacy of Donald Davidson

April 27, 2017 - April 28, 2017
Department of Philosophy, York University

4700 Keele St
Toronto M3J 1P3

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Robert Myers
York University
Bjørn Ramberg
University of Oslo
Sarah Stroud
McGill University

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In 2017 it will be 100 years since the birth of Donald Davidson (1917-2003), one of the most prominent philosophers of the twentieth century. The graduate students in the Department of Philosophy at York University (Toronto) are organizing a graduate conference in celebration of his thoroughly systematic and deeply original work, whose influence on, and relevance for, current ways of addressing many philosophical questions, including questions about action, knowledge, language, mind, reasons, and so on, would be hard to overstate.

Thursday (27 April)


Coffee & registration


Opening address

Claudine Verheggen (York University):

The Continuity of Davidson’s Thought


Devin Curry (University of Pennsylvania):

Davidson’s Theory of Mind is Normative. Should it be?

Commentator: Ben Winokur


Pedro Abreu (New University of Lisbon &

The Nova Institute of Philosophy):

The Constitutive Interpretability of Thoughts and Meanings:

A Defense Against Two Objections

Commentator: Olivia Sultanescu


Quitterie Gounot (Cornell University):

Why should I care about the person I want to become?

Reasons Internalists and Proleptic Reasons

Commentator: Alex Leferman


Keynote address

Bjørn Ramberg (University of Oslo):

Working Disagreement:                                          

On Davidson’s Dynamic Conception of Content

Friday (28 April)


Keynote address

Robert Myers (York University):

Holism in Action


Griffin Klemick (University of Toronto):

Davidson’s Promise for Metaethical Naturalism

Commentator: David Rocheleau-Houle


Nathan Howard (University of Southern California):

Buck-Passing and the Quasi-Davidsonian

Conception of Normative Reasons

Commentator: Sam Steadman


Keynote address

Sarah Stroud (McGill University):

Irrationality and Inconsistency, or, How is Self-Deception Possible?

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