All but Written: Imaginary Literature from Walter Benjamin to Joseph Mitchell
David Kishik (Emerson College), Dr Zed Adams (New School for Social Research)

December 9, 2016, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Department of Philosophy, New School for Social Research

6 E. 16th St.
New York 10003
United States

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Zed Adams
New School for Social Research

Topic areas


Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project, Joe Gould's Oral History of Our Time, and Joseph Mitchell's memoir each existed more in their respective author's imagination than on the written page. In this Friday evening event, David Kishik will discuss the significance of such imaginary literary works for his own Manhattan Project (Stanford, 2015), which draws upon Benjamin, Gould, Mitchell, and others to develop a theory of Manahattan as the capital of the twentieth century. At the event, Kishik will be introduced and interviewed by New School faculty member Zed Adams.

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