Early Modern Philosophy of Mind

November 10, 2011 - November 11, 2011
Humboldt-University, Berlin

Markgrafenstr. 37
Berlin D-1011

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Thursday, 10 November

13:30    Welcome & Introduction: Dominik Perler
13:45    John Bunner: “Descartes on Privational Falsity”
14:30    Commentator: Dominik Perler
14:45    Discussion

15:30    Coffee Break

15:45    Maria Seidl: “Mathematics, Ideas, and Philosophy of Mind in Gassendi”
16:30    Commentator: Hugh Hunter
16:45    Discussion

18.30    Evening Lecture: Donald Ainslie (TOPOI-Building): “Representing the Unthinkable: Hume on False Philosophy”

Friday, 11 November

9:00      Karolina Hübner: “Spinoza on Ideas, Negation, and Finitude”
9:45      Commentator: Martin Lenz
10:00    Discussion

10:45    Coffee Break

11:00    Adam Harmer: “The Parts of Matter: Leibniz’s Response to Spinoza’s Challenge”
11:45    Commentator: Stephan Schmid
12:00    Discussion

12:45    Lunch

14:00    Sebastian Bender: “Leibniz and the ‘petites reflexions’”
14:45    Commentator: Martin Pickavé
15:00    Discussion

15:45    Coffee Break

16:00    Hernán Caro: “Eternal Truths, the Choice of the Best, and the Almighty Reality of Sin: Budde and Knoerr against Leibnizian Optimism”
16:45    Commentator: Stephen Zylstra
17:00    Discussion

Saturday, 12 November

9:15      Christian Barth: “Conscientia as Self-Knowledge in Descartes and Leibniz”
10:00    Commentator: Donald Ainslie
10:15    Discussion

11:00    Coffee Break

11:15    Marleen Rozemond: “Mills Can’t Think: Leibniz’ Approach to the Mind-Body Problem”
12:00    Commentator: Markus Wild
12:15    Discussion

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