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December 10, 2012 - December 11, 2012
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Dan Sperber
Central European University

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Postgraduates are invited to apply for the first PLM Masterclass, to be held at the Institut Jean Nicod, Paris, on December 10-11, 2012. The Masterclass will be led by Professor Dan Sperber (IJN/CEU-Budapest).

PLM (Philosophy of Language and Mind) is a network of philosophical centres, institutes, and departments in Europe. Besides Institut Jean-Nicod, the network includes Arché (St Andrews), the Department of Philosophy of CEU (Budapest), CLLAM (Stockholm), CSMN (Oslo), ILCLI (San Sebastian), ILLC (Amsterdam), the Institute of Philosophy (London), the Institute of Philosophy II (Bochum), LOGOS (Barcelona), and NIP (Aberdeen). The purpose of the network is to further philosophy of mind and language and to provide a platform for cooperation between members, primarily in research, but also in research training.

This first PLM Masterclass will offer a dozen research students the opportunity to present their work in a collaborative and friendly atmosphere under the supervision of a leading academic in their field. The Masterclass will give every participant the chance to exchange with the ‘master’ who will respond to the presentations. Pr. Dan Sperber will also present some of his current research. Following the Masterclass, an international conference in honour of Dan Sperber will be held, with the participation of leading figures in the areas relevant to Sperber’s work: philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and linguistics. Masterclass participants are invited to attend the conference (Paris, December 12-15). Participation in the Masterclass (and the conference) will be free of charge, however students will have to support their own accommodation and living expenses.

If you would like to be considered for a place, please send a CV to [email protected], along with a brief (up to one page) description of your research and how you hope to contribute to and benefit from the Masterclass. Priority will be given to European students, and among them to the students affiliated to research centres that belong to the PLM network. The deadline for applying is October, 31st, 2012. Please feel free to email requests for further information or to visit the PLM website at:

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October 31, 2012, 10:00am CET

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