CUNY-Milan Annual Interdisciplinary Workshop on Belief

February 15, 2018 - February 16, 2018
Department of Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center

365 5th Ave
New York 10016
United States

This will be an accessible event, including organized related activities


  • CUNY Graduate Center
  • University of Milan

Keynote speakers:

Sergei Artemov
City University of New York
David Rosenthal
City University of New York
Giuliano Torrengo
University of Milan


Daniel Boyd
CUNY Graduate Center
Kasey Mallette
CUNY Graduate Center
V. Alexis Peluce
CUNY Graduate Center
Daria Vitasovic
University of Milan

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CUNY-Milan Annual Interdisciplinary Workshop in Philosophy, a joint initiative of both institutions’ philosophy departments, is aimed at promoting advanced studies in core analytic topics. This year’s workshop, first in a series of annual events, will focus on belief. Albeit this workshop’s main objective is to advance research in Philosophy of Mind and Logic, the organizers are committed to maintain the interdisciplinary character of the workshop. 

This year’s inaugural conference will focus on belief. It is the aim of the organizers to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on the topic of belief. Some of the topics to be discussed include: 

Mental states/attitudes and beliefs; the connection between imagination and belief; group beliefs; logic of belief; belief and logical omniscience; beliefs about blame and forgiveness; the difference between conscious and unconscious beliefs; confabulations of belief; the experience of belief; what it is like to believe; norms of beliefs; knowledge and belief; metaphysics of belief; religious beliefs; political beliefs; manipulation of belief; content of belief; belief and bias; belief and language; belief as constituting sexual, racial and gender based identity; delusional beliefs; continental perspectives on belief; historical perspectives on belief. 

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