Horizons of Phenomenology

April 27, 2018 - April 29, 2018
University of California, Merced

United States

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Join us April 27-29 at the University of California, Merced, for the 2018 Horizons of Phenomenology Conference (http://husserl.net/hop_2018/), which will bring together some of the foremost phenomenology scholars in North America, and an interdisciplinary group of scholars interested in applications of phenomenology. Confirmed speakers thus far include Ramesh Balasubramanian, Steve Crowell, John Drummond, Nigel Hatton, Burt Hopkins, Carolyn Jennings, Jayson Beaster Jones, Ron McIntyre, Samantha Matherne, Holley Moyes, Robin Muller, Martin Schwab, David Woodruff Smith, Clinton Tolley, and Jeff Yoshimi.

There are two broad foci of the conference. First, to bring together two existing phenomenology groups for their first-ever joint meeting: the California Phenomenology Circle and the Workshop in Phenomenological Philosophy. These groups are loosely associated with “West coast” and “East coast” approaches to Husserl interpretation, and we hope the conference provides a fresh perspective on some of the decades-old scholarly controversies that have unfolded between them. The broader landscape and status of contemporary phenomenology scholarship will also be a theme. Second, to bring together working phenomenologists and researchers in other fields to see what some of the latest opportunities are for interdisciplinary research in phenomenology. Areas to be explored in dedicated panels include anthropology (in particular archaeology), cognitive science, and literature and the arts.

Visit our website:http://husserl.net/hop_2018/

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