CFP: Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture vol. 6

Submission deadline: April 30, 2018

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The sixth issue of our journal will be devoted to philosophy of technology. We all live in a technological world. Various technological advancements and their rapid development constitute the most striking feature of contemporary reality. Hi-tech gadgets are being linked to our bodies, they augment our senses, often they mediate and alter even our basic experience of the physical world. Technology brings dramatic progress in different areas of human activity: science, medicine, industry, business, warfare, media, art, communication, transport, entertainment, and many others. It constantly brings new possibilities and new challenges, especially now, in times of the “fourth industrial revolution,” as Luciano Floridi described the emergence of the infosphere.

The problems of technology are by no means new to philosophers. They have been discussed at least since Plato’s famous critical analysis of writing from his Phaedrus. Is technology a threat or an advantage for humanity? Plato’s answer – identifying writing with pharmakon (both poison and remedy) – seems ambiguous. How can we approach the essence or nature of technology today? How does it affect our life and culture? How do the new media and technologies alter the knowledge-gaining processes and knowledge itself? How do they stimulate new artistic movements? Does technology alienate people or does it rather create new and effective forms of socialization? What should we think about technological enhancements of the human body? What ethical and philosophical questions emerge in the wake of autonomous artificial intelligences and robots? Will AI be able to solve philosophical problems? Is the prospect of “technological singularityˮ real? Are we approaching an unpredictable technological (and ontological) change effected by the development of super artificial intelligence?

We invite you to discuss the philosophical aspects of technology in their unrestrained variety, explore various perspectives, problems, methods, and viewpoints. We are looking for new and daring philosophical insights into the problems of technology.

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