CFP: MANUSCRITO: Special issue on "Agency and Rationality"

Submission deadline: June 30, 2018

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Special Issue of MANUSCRITO on “Agency and Rationality”

The issue: The issue aims to explore the nature of rational agency, both practical and epistemic. Typically, exercises of our rational agency are in some way governed by certain practical and epistemic norms. However, it is far from clear what exactly these norms are, nor how we are to understand the way in which they govern us in acting and believing. Topics/questions that we hope to address include, but are not limited to: How are we to understand the normativity of practical and epistemic norms? Can there be epistemic agency? Can practical and/or epistemic norms be derived from the nature of agency? Can there be a unified account of practical and epistemic normativity? Does the nature of agency constrain our understanding of practical and epistemic norms? How do norms govern exercises of rational agency? Must all genuine norms be understood in terms of reasons?

Guest editors: Sergio Tenenbaum (University of Toronto) and David Horst (University of Campinas)

Submission deadline: June 30, 2018

Invited contributors include: Michael Bratman, Matthew Boyle, Hagit Benbaji, Luca Ferrero, Matthias Haase, David Hunter, Douglas Lavin, Eric Marcus, Michael Nelson, and Karl Schafer. Invited contributors to the Special Issue will also participate in a conference on “Agency and Rationality” which will be held at the University of Campinas (June 14-16, 2018). An announcement of the conference will follow soon.

Submission guidelines: All submissions (max. 10,000 words) should be made through MANUSCRITO Editorial Manager (at For “Instructions to Authors” go to: .

Further inquiries: Please contact David Horst ([email protected]) or Sergio Tenenbaum ([email protected]).

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