CFP: Form, Structure and Hylomorphism

Submission deadline: September 30, 2018

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Submissions are invited for a special issue of the journal Synthese on “Form, Structure and Hylomorphism”, guest-edited by Anna Marmodoro and Michele Paolini Paoletti.
Hylomorphism is the doctrine according to which material objects can be analysed into a formal as well as a material “component” whose combination yields strongly unified entities. Hylomorphists place special emphasis on the nature and role of the formal component of a hylomorphic compound, that is, its form and/or structure.
Much has been published on structures/forms in the last decade. Hylomorphism is presented as a viable solution to some issues concerning composition and the nature of composite objects. Moreover, some authors defend hylomorphism as an interesting theory of the mind/body relationship. In addition, some recent trends in the ontology of causal powers focus on the possibility of defining the nature of powers through structural relations. Moreover, a resurgence of interest in the ontology of relations (especially non-symmetrical ones) has produced new theories that can bear on the understanding of structures/forms. Finally, the debates on structural realism in philosophy of science are far from being exhausted and they seem to run parallel with the ones on hylomorphism.
In this special issue, hylomorphism will be examined from different, complementary perspectives: the metaphysics of structures and forms; structures and forms studied in connection with other metaphysical issues (causal powers, composition, artefacts, relations, etc.); structures and forms in the domain of the philosophy of mind. The special issue will also explore whether the current debates on structures/forms and hylomorphism in metaphysics bear on those on structural realism in philosophy of science.
Possible topics of the contributions include - but need not be limited to:
a)    forms/structures in the metaphysics of material objects
b)    forms/structures in philosophy of science
c)    forms/structures in the philosophy of mind
d)    forms/structures in the philosophy of agency and free will
e)    forms/structures in philosophy of religion
f)     forms/structures in social ontology
The deadline is 30th September 2018.
The maximum length of each contribution should not exceed 10,000 words.
Contributions should be submitted through the Synthese online system ( and will undergo double blind peer review. When submitting your contributions, please select the Special Issue “Form, Structure and Hylomorphism”.
Queries are to be addressed to: Anna Marmodoro ( and/or Michele Paolini Paoletti (

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