CFP: Meaning, Content and Reference

Submission deadline: January 6, 2019

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Meaning, Content and Reference

Guest editors:

Tadeusz Ciecierski (University of Warsaw)

Paweł Grabarczyk (IT Copenhagen & University of Łódź)


Studia Semiotyczne

Deadline for submissions:

the 1st of December 2018


The theme of the special issue revolves around the concepts of meaning, content and reference. Among semantic and pragmatic theories there is an important group of accounts that either distinguish or presuppose a distinction between meaning, content and extension of expressions (Ajdukiewicz, Cresswell and Kaplan are examples of authors of such triadic semantical accounts). Many distinctions between semantic theories might be described as pertaining to (a) intrinsic characterization of the three concepts, (b) accounts of relations between them, (c) applicability of the three categories to particular classes of expressions-types, utterances and uses of expressions. In pragmatics, on the other hand, certain concepts (like that of implicature or presupposition) are connected with properties like truth (i.e. extension of sentences) or content via notions like non-detachability or context-change potential. The aim of the special issue is to group both the papers that address issues (a)-(c) and the papers analyzing the role of the three categories in pragmatics.

We are especially interested in foundational philosophical questions and issues regarding the three notions.

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All submitted papers will be double-blind peer reviewed.

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