Perception: intentionality and physicality
Khristos Nizamis (University of Adelaide)

October 5, 2018, 11:00am - 1:00pm
Department of Philosophy, University of Adelaide

Ligertwood 333
North Terrace


University of Adelaide

Topic areas


My presentation will be a wind-up report on my postgraduate research project in the philosophy of perception, now in its closing phase. I will first summarise the aims and results of the project, which has approached the ‘problem of perception’ from a dual perspective: that of Husserlian Phenomenology, and that of Analytic philosophy. I will then focus on a few particular core themes of the project; in particular, the notion of perceptual ‘transparency’ and its various problematic implications for ‘Direct’ and ‘Indirect’ views of perceptual experience. I will offer an essentially Phenomenological interpretation of the nature and significance of perceptual ‘transparency’, referring to connections and differences between perceptual consciousness and image consciousness.

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