CFP: Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture: Violence; Issue 9 (2019)

Submission deadline: January 31, 2019

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Issue 9 (2019), Call for Papers: Violence

This issue of our journal will be devoted to the category of violence. Heraclitus of Ephesus affirms the antagonistic nature of being which is pervaded and animated by conflict: Polemos pater panton (“War is the father of all things”). The perpetual confrontation of opposites produces incessant mobility and violence.

The category of violence is undoubtedly ambiguous and one can rightly ask from what perspectives it can be considered: psychological, sociological, anthropological, philosophical, pedagogical. The agenda adopted here is to present a specific spectrum of accounts of violence and to reveal its multiple forms that are inscribed both in the subjective experience and in the socio-cultural dimension. The presented perspective will depend on each individual author’s stance and the direction of his/her analyses. From violence in political power relations to symbolic forms of violence; from theoretical accounts of political oppression to descriptions of ontological, metaphoric or symbolic forms of violence; from Nietzsche to Foucault, from Bataille to Levinas and Derrida, from Girard to Agamben.

In what ways can philosophy approach violence? What types of discourse appear to be the most productive in our attempts to get closer to what violence is and how it reveals itself? How is violence inscribed in a human being? How is it associated with her/his socialization? Are all facets of violence somehow intertwined? Is there such a thing as ethics of violence? Is the discourse of violence not becoming more and more trivial? What can a philosopher do to revitalize it? These are questions that we would like to address in this issue.

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