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ViraVerita E-Journal Issue 9: "Science"

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As a means of meeting needs the scientific activity, which begins with the curiosity, observations and questions about the environmental conditions in which human beings lives, has increasingly begun to be regarded as an important interest and become a sign of power in the struggle among states as well as peoples. The centuries of Renaissance and Enlightenment created an atmosphere of freedom to liberate people and societies from dogmas and so played an important role in the emergence of modern science. The reason behind the pursuit of science may differ such as amazement or curiosity, or meeting needs, or will to power but the reason why science has such reputation is its testability, reliability and tangible results initiating technology. In this respect, it is obvious that scientific activity is open to discussion both in terms of its characteristics and results. First of all, it may not be as easy as it is thought to draw a border between scientific activities that are considered as reliable information fields and myths or narratives. It can even be said that science has created its own dogma. While science is increasing the welfare of society, with the industrial and technological developments, it has also turned into a domination means over both the human beings and the non-human nature.

Being guided by the industry and turned into a dominative power both in the world and in our country, scientific activity is not only hindered by technology but also its reliability has been shaken. As a result of the congregation in the science-industry relationship, studies that do not serve technology and industry are in danger to be expelled from universities and other research institutions. Besides, scientific production is reduced to citations and patents, which leads to qualitative degeneration and conservative societies. In order to open the subject up for discussion in the light of these critiques, the issue 9 of the refereed e-journal ViraVerita is devoted the topic: the nature of science, its importance and functioning and so on.

*What are the possible consequences of not only denial but also the acknowledgment of science without any reservations?

*How can be constructed a link between the industrial dimension of social justice and science?

*Does the scientist have a responsibility to society?

*Are there two cultures alleged to exist between natural sciences and human sciences and if so, is it maintained today, too?

*How can interdisciplinary studies contribute to our understanding of scientific activity?

*What are the feminist critiques against science and proposed alternatives for it?

The refereed e-journal ViraVerita is open to contributions from various fields such as philosophy, psychology, law, political science, sociology, international relations, anthropology, sociology, history and so on. 

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