CFP: Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind

Submission deadline: October 1, 2019

Topic areas


OUP is launching a new annual publication, Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind. Each issue will highlight two themes, but will feature papers outside those themes as well. Each issue will be comprised half of invited papers and half of papers selected from submissions. Each will also feature an invited article on the history of the philosophy of mind.

For the inaugural issue, the two highlighted themes are the following:

The value of consciousness: What (if any) is the role of conscious experience in grounding moral, aesthetic, or other values (be they intrinsic or instrumental)?

Naturalism and naturalization in the philosophy of mind: What is naturalism and how (if at all) does it differ from physicalism? What is it to naturalize something and how important is it?

The inaugural issue will feature invited contributions by Karen Bennett, Dorothea Debus, Antti Kauppinen, Adam Pautz, Jonathan Schaffer, and Helen Steward, and will include an invited article by Peter Adamson on Islamic philosophy of mind.

Submissions should be sent to [email protected] by 1 October 2019. Decisions will typically be taken within a fortnight, but will not typically be accompanied by referee reports. 

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