Minds in Skilled Performance: Integrating naturalistic, pragmatic, and phenomenological approaches.

March 26, 2019
University of Wollongong

Research Hub (Bldg19, Rm2072b)
Northfields Avenue
Wollongong 2522

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All speakers:

University of New South Wales
University of Memphis
University of Wollongong
Deakin University
University of Wollongong


University of Wollongong

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Skilled performance depends on a unique kind of mentality. It belongs to a category of embodied action that is distinct both from non-mental mechanistic movement and deliberate intentional action. Many agree with some form of these claims. However, there is little agreement as to how we should understand the nature of minds in skilled performance in more positive terms. What kind of mentality is it that makes skilled performance possible? This conference aims to explore this question by interlacing inquiries based on different philosophical approaches, including naturalistic philosophy of mind, pragmatism, and phenomenology.

9:30-10:15      Dan Hutto (UOW) "Minds in skilled performance: Competence without content or comprehension"

10:30-11:15      Cathy Legg (Deakin University) "Discursive habits: A representationalist rethinking of teleosemiotics"

11:30-12:15      Massimiliano Cappuccio (UNSW) "Robots that "choke" - Human performance and artificial intelligence"

12:15-13:15      Lunch break

13:15-14      Kath Bicknell (Macquarie University) "From flips to foibles: The dynamic experience of embodied expertise"
14-14:45      Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis/UOW) "Prospecting performance: Rehearsing prior to acting"

14:45-15:15      Coffee break

15:15-16      Ian Robertson (UOW) "Knowledge how isn’t knowledge that: why skilful action doesn’t always require propositional knowledge”

16-16:45      Katsunori Miyahara (UOW) "Motor-intentionality: Non-propositional or contentless?"

Attendance to the conference is free, but registration is recommended to ensure your seat. To register, please contact Katsunori Miyahara ([email protected]) by Friday, 22nd March.

This event is funded by the ARC Discovery project “Minds in Skilled Performance: Explanatory Framework and Comparative Study” (DP170102987). Project Members: Dan Hutto (Lead CI), Michael Kirchhoff (CI), Jesús Ilundain-Agurruza, Shaun Gallagher (PIs), Katsunori Miyahara (Post-doc), and Ian Robertson (PhD student).

Katsunori Miyahara
Post-doctoral Researcher
School of Humanities and Social Inquiry, University of Wollongong
[email protected]

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March 22, 2019, 12:00pm +10:00

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