Confronting fanaticism: theoretical and applied perspectives

November 20, 2019 - November 22, 2019
Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna

Universitatsstrasse 7
Vienna 1010

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‘Confronting Fanaticism: theoretical and applied perspectives’

University of Vienna, 20-22 November 2019


Wednesday, 20 November

Venue: Marietta-Blau Saal, Main Building


09.00 – 10.10: Quassim Cassam, ‘Extremism: a philosophical analysis’

10.10 – 11.00: Aljosa Kravanja, ‘Fanaticism and epistemic revisability’

11.20 – 12.10: Sylwia Wilczewska, ‘Deflecting doubts: fanatical religious epistemology and peer disagreement

12.10 – 13.00: Hana Samarzija, ‘Epistemically profiling the fanatic: structural remedies for epistemic vice’

14.30 – 15.40: Hilge Landweer, ‘Affects of aggression, ideology and fanaticism’

16.00 – 16.50: Ruth Tietjen, ‘Religious fanaticism and the dialectic of concretion and abstraction’

16.50 – 17.40: Hans Bernhard Schmid, ‘The fanatics' conception of the good’


Thursday, 21 November

Venue: Marietta-Blau Saal, Main Building


09.00 – 10.10: Thomas Szanto, ‘Fanaticism: a collective affective mechanism?’

10.10 – 11.00: Frank Chouraqui, ‘The fanatic paradigm: from epistemology to politics’

11.20 – 12.10: Charlie Crerar and Trystan Goetze, ‘Hermeneutical injustice and extremism’

12.10 – 13.00: Leo Townsend, ‘Dogmatism, doggedness, and collective belief’

14.30 – 15.40: Paul Katsafanas, ‘Group fanaticism and fragility of the self’

16.00 – 16.50: Neil Annett, ‘The throne and the scaffold: enthusiasm and ambiguity in the pre-critical Kant’

16.50 – 17.40: Przemyslaw Gut, ‘Changing the prevalent mode of thinking: Spinoza on the origins of fanaticism’

Friday, 22 November

Venue: Lecture room 3D, Neues Institutsgebäude

09.00 – 10.10: Farhad Khosrokhavar, ‘Jihadism, martyrdom, from unhappy consciousness (unglückliches Bewusstsein) to happy death'

10.10 – 11.00: Sylvain Camilleri, The metaphysical background of religious fanaticism: the (real) assasins’ creed’

11.20 – 12.10: Paul Slama, ‘Protestantism between rationalism and fanaticism: theology and politics’

12.10 – 13.20: Anne Reichold, 'How to answer fanaticism'

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