Experiencing What’s Not There: A Workshop on Hallucinations, Dreams, Imagination, and Virtual Reality

June 7, 2019 - June 8, 2019
Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto

Room 418
170 St George St
Toronto M5R 2M8

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  • The Network for Sensory Research

All speakers:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Warwick
Claremont McKenna College
University of Glasgow
Monash University


University of Toronto at Mississauga
University of Toronto, St. George

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Sensory experience of what's not there provides a foundational set of problems for philosophical theorizing about perception. This includes hallucinations, dreams, imagination, and virtual reality. Traditionally, these cases are thought to reveal something about (1) how experience of distal objects arises from proximal receptor stimulation and (2) the nature of the perceptual contact afforded through that experience.

This workshop brings together some of the best current research on experience of what's not there, from both philosophers and scientists. Although different in some ways, hallucinations, dreams, imagination, and virtual reality --- all being experience of what's not there --- overlap and intersect in interesting and important ways. By bringing together a diverse group of top researchers we hope to foster new and unconventional insights into these problem areas.

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