Philosophy of Physics Workshop in celebration of Jon Jarrett's contributions

April 5, 2019
Department of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

DeBartolo Hall 120
DeBartolo Hall 120
Notre Dame 46556
United States


  • University of Illinois Chicago
  • University of Notre Dame


University of Bergamo
Oxford University
University of Illinois, Chicago
University of São Paulo
University of Bristol


University of Notre Dame
University of Illinois, Chicago
University of Notre Dame

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Philosophy of Physics Workshop in honor of Jon Jarrett's contributions, and Noether lecture


10:50am Don Howard (ND), Opening remarks

11am Jeremy Steeger (ND), "On Non-Locality and Objective Probabilities"

11:45 Valia Allori (Northern Illinois), "Quantum Non-Locality and Special Relativity: Peaceful Coexistence?"

12:30 Nick Huggett (UIC), "Celebrating Jon Jarrett's contributions to the Philosophy of Physics"

12:45pm Osvaldo Pessoa (University of Sao Paulo), "Combining EPR and Bell"

1:30pm Harvey Brown (Oxford), "Themes related to Noether's Theorems"

2:15pm Tushar Menon (Oxford), "Clocks and Chronogeometry: Rotating Spacetimes and the Relativistic Null Hypothesis"

3:30pm Noether Lecture in the History and Philosophy of Physics (1030 Jenkins-Nanovic Hall): 

David Rowe (Johannes Gutenberg University), "Going to School with Fraulein Noether: Rudolph J. Humm in Gottingen"

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