Symp: Power & Knowledge in Plato and the Platonic Tradition

May 22, 2019 - May 24, 2019
Department of Philosophy , Uppsala Universitet


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Uppsala University
Uppsala Universitet

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POWER AND KNOWLEDGE in Plato and the Platonic Tradition

22-24 May, Uppsala (Sweden)

Registration is now open for the international symposium ‘Power & Knowledge in Plato and the Platonic Tradition', which will take place at the department of philosophy at Uppsala University on the 22nd-24th of May 2019. The program is included below. For more information about the symposium and what we hope to achieve, see:

Attendance is free and the symposium is open to all, but for the purposes of planning we ask those planning to attend to send an email to: or



Wednesday 22nd of May (Room: 2-1024, Engelska parken)


1300-1400       Andy German (Ben Gurion): “What are the Natural Preconditions for Politics Examining the Question in Plato”

1415-1515       Olof Pettersson (Uppsala): ”Epistemic Authority: Reason & Language in Plato & Fricker”

1530-1630       James M. Ambury (King’s College Pennsylvania): “Awakening Autonomy: Olympiodorus’ Commentary on Plato’s Gorgias


Thursday 23rd of May (Room: 22-1017, Engelska parken)


1000-1100       M.M. McCabe (King’s College, London): “Parsing Vision”

1115-1215       Marina McCoy (Boston): ”Vulnerability, Dialogue, and the Limits of Autonomy”

1215-1315       Lunch Break

1315-1415       Amber Carpenter (Singapore, Yale-NUS): “Accounts and Accountability: The Importance of Being Autologizomenos

1430-1530       Charlotta Weigelt (Södertörn): “Self-Government and Law in the Crito and the Statesman

1545-1645       Susan Sauvé Mayer (University of Pennsylvania): “Freedom and Law in Plato’s Laws


Friday 24th of May (Room: 22-1017, Engelska parken)


1000-1100       Nicholas D. Smith (Lewis & Clark): ”Plato’s Problems with Aversion”

1115-1215       Oda E. Tvedt (Uppsala):  “Political Decision-Making and Mass-Dynamics in Plato’s Republic

1215-1315       Lunch Break

1315-1415       Franco Trivigno (Oslo): ”Two Routes to Establishing Rational Self-Governance in Plato”

1430-1530       Tony Leyh (Emory): “Knowledge and Political Legitimacy in Socratic Political Philosophy”

1545-1645       Pauliina Remes (Uppsala): Concluding Discussion


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