Modern Perspectives on Vagueness

June 4, 2019
GRK 1808, University of Tuebingen

Tuebingen 72074

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University Tübingen

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The phenomenon of vagueness has long drawn the attention of researchers in linguistics, philosophy, logic, and artificial intelligence, who have been interested in understanding and modelling the meaning of vague expressions. Recent years have seen a wave of work that brings new perspectives to vagueness, addressing novel research questions such as why speakers might choose to be vague. These new perspectives include: experimental psychology (including experimental pragmatics), Game Theory, Rational Speech Act theory, and the theory of Conceptual Spaces. The workshop will bring together exponents of this recent wave of work, in an attempt to find common ground and to move forward the research on vagueness and ambiguity. Among other things, we will ask whether lessons learnt about vagueness carry over to ambiguity as well, or whether the two are best seen as entirely distinct phenomena.

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