CFP: Minds: Human and Divine

Submission deadline: March 1, 2012

Conference date(s):
August 6, 2012 - August 9, 2012

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Conference Venue:

Institute for Philosophy of Religion, Munich School of Philosophy
München, Germany

Topic areas


Discussions of mind, body, soul, and spirit have played a central role in the history of philosophy, and in the theologies of various religious traditions. God is the ultimate mind. In general, we wish to focus on two central problems in the philosophy of mind – the problem of consciousness and the problem of mental causation. Paper presenters are expected to apply insights from philosophy of mind to philosophical theology and philosophy of religion.
Some suggestions for possible topics:

  • The “hard problem of consciousness” in general, conceivability arguments, knowledge argument 
  • The phenomenal mind, phenomenal concepts and the explanatory gap
  • Mental causation in general
  • The conscious mind or soul and personal identity (survival)
  • God and consciousness
  • God and the possibility of emergence
  • Christianity between physicalism and dualism
  • Christianity and Panpsychism (process thought)
  • Agent causation
  • Divine Foreknowledge and human freedom
  • Divine mental causation in the world (Divine action)
  • Creation and the God-world-relation
  • Panentheism
Submission Deadline: March 1, 2012
Decision by: April 1, 2012
Papers should be prepared for blind review (no author name), and submitted electronically, preferably as PDF. Reading time should not exceed 30 minutes. An abstract (with author name) is to be mailed in a separate file.
Paper: 6.000 words max.
Abstract: 300 words max.
To submit send paper and abstract to: [email protected]

Accepted paper presenters will receive free accommodation and full board. Support with travel expenses is possible in many cases. Some financial support from the presenter's home institution is expected, however. We will negotiate this on an individual basis.

Supporting material

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