CFP (Deadline Extended): Synthese Topical Collection "Minds in Skilled Performance"

Submission deadline: March 31, 2020

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CFP: Synthese Topical Collection “Minds in Skilled Performance”

Guest Editors
Katsunori Miyahara, University of Wollongong [email protected]
Ian Robertson, University of Wollongong [email protected]
Michael Kirchhoff, University of Wollongong [email protected]

Topical Collection Description
Skilled performance depends on a unique kind of mentality. It belongs to a category of embodied action that is distinct both from non-mental mechanistic movement and deliberate intentional action. Many agree with some form of these claims. However, there is substantially less agreement as to how we should understand the nature of minds in skilled performance in more positive terms. The issue has been explored in various philosophical traditions, including analytic philosophy of mind, pragmatism, phenomenology, Zen Buddhism, etc., in connection with various key concepts, such as skill, habit, know-how, motor-intentionality, no-mind, etc. These concepts have also been investigated in adjacent disciplines including psychology, psychiatry, performance studies, and so on. This special issue aims to advance the current state of discussions on the nature of mind in skilled performance both in depth and scope by bringing together inquiries based on such diverse philosophical approaches.

Appropriate Topics for Submission includes, among others:

  • What kind of knowledge is essential to skillful performance?
  • What is the nature of intentionality exhibited in skilled performance?
  • When (if ever) and how does skilled performance depend on the working of conceptual and/or representational capacities?
  • When (if ever) and how do paradigmatic instances of intellectual activity depend on bodily skills and habits?
  • When (if ever) and how does morality depend on bodily skills and habits?
  • How is skilled performance accounted for in classical pragmatism, phenomenology, or non-Western philosophical traditions?
  • How do these classical views bear on contemporary discussions on skilled performance?
  • The topical collection is supported by the ARC Discover Project “Minds in Skilled Performance: Explanatory Framework and Comparative Study” (DP170102987).

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The new deadline for submissions is 31st March, 2020. Submissions should be made through the electronic editorial system at

Katsunori Miyahara
School of Liberal Arts, UOW Building 19,
Northfields Avenue, University of Wollongong NSW 2522

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