CFP: "Reti Saperi Linguaggi - The aesthetic interaction: between simulation, engagement and performance"

Submission deadline: March 21, 2020

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The investigation on aesthetic experience that is carried out today in the light of the most recent research in the field of cognitive sciences, neurosciences and studies on evolutionism, increasingly makes use of notions that emphasize its interactional nature. However, these formulas are different from each other, if not even incompatible. "Embodied simulation", "material engagement", "performance" are some of these notions, whose implications outline various and different concepts of the aesthetic (perhaps depending on the peculiar understanding of mind that is advocated).

The purpose of this issue of Reti Saperi Linguaggi is to focus on and compare the models described in these terms, while trying to verify what implications each of them has for what concerns crucial topics of aesthetic research such as:

- the paradigm of mind suited to the description of aesthetic experience;

- the status of the mind-world relationship from an aesthetic point of view;

- the aesthetic as a decisive component in the establishment of intersubjectivity;

- the contribution of aesthetic experience to the construction of bio-cultural niches;

- the function of aesthetic interaction in the design of experiential spaces in the age of augmented reality;

- the role of the aesthetic in an evolutionary framework.

The issue will be edited by Giovanni Matteucci.

Deadline for submissions: March 2020.

The contributions will be in English. Send your proposal to [email protected]

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