3rd International Transdisciplinary Symposium "Bioethics and Aporia of Psyche"

November 21, 2019 - November 23, 2019
Centre of Excellence for Integrative Bioethics, Croatian Bioethics Society, Ludruga Association, Croatian Institute for Public Health

"Fritz Jahr" Conference Hall
Ivana Lučića 1a
Zagreb 10000

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Third international transdisciplinary symposium Bioethics and Aporia of Psyche will focus on (1) destigmatisation, and (2) interdisciplinary communication between philosophy and psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy. Plenary lecturs will be held by the following experts:

Francesca Brencio (Italy)

Anders Lindseth (Norway)

Inka Maškulin (Croatia)

Danijela Tiosavljević (Serbia)

Demetrius A. Franca (Brazil)

Damir Smiljanić (Serbia)

Theodor Itten (Switzerland)

We invite all who are interested into joining the program with their reports or program activities to fill in the application form available at http://www.bioetika.hr/biaps/ and send it to psiha@bioetika.hr. Interested contributors should not limit themselves to the general theme, we will gladly consider topics outside of this year’s focus.

Attending the symposium is free of charge and there is no participation fee. The organisers cannot cover travelling expenses and accomodation, but for any questions regarding the accomodation and the symposium in general, please send us an e-mail to psiha@bioetika.hr.

We recommend to visit the following web page for all the details and documents:

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November 1, 2019, 12:00am CET

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