CFP: Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind, Volume 2

Submission deadline: November 1, 2020

Topic areas


Each issue of Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind highlights two themes, but features also papers outside those themes. For Volume 2, the highlighted themes are:

Doxastic attitudes beyond belief: What is the nature and significance of acceptance, supposition, consideration, judgment, doubt, and the like doxastic attitudes other than belief?

Philosophy of mind and meta-philosophy: How might the philosophy of mind contribute to meta-philosophy, and how might meta-philosophy contribute to the philosophy of mind?

Invited contributors to the volume include Tim Bayne, Tim Crane, Dorothea Debus, Katalin Farkas, John Hawthorne, Frank Jackson, and Susanna Schellenberg; there will also be a contributed paper on the history of philosophy of mind by James Van Cleve.

Submissions (any length, any format) should be sent to [email protected] by 1 November 2020. Decisions will typically be taken within a fortnight, but will not typically be accompanied by referee reports. 

Supporting material

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