Metaphilosophical Issues in Conceptual Engineering

November 21, 2019
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences, University of Valencia

Campus de Blasco Ibáñez
Valencia 46010

Main speakers:

Swiss National Science Foundation
Universitat de Barcelona
University of Sussex


Swiss National Science Foundation

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Conceptual engineering is a new exciting movement in analytic philosophy that focuses on how to assess and on how improve our conceptual devices. The MICE Symposium is about the metaphilosophical issues in conceptual engineering. The first talk will address the issue of how to best construe the subject matter of conceptual engineering. The second will take up the challenge of topic preservation through semantic change in instances of conceptual engineering. And the third one will deal with the issue of devising a (formal) methodological tool that suits the normative purposes of conceptual engineering.


15.15-15.55 | Manuel Gustavo Isaac (University of Barcelona): "What Should Conceptual Engineering Be all About?"

16.00-16.40 | Sarah Sawyer (University of Sussex): "Truth and Objectivity in Conceptual Engineering"

16.45-17.25 | Manolo Martínez (University of Barcelona): "An Information-Theoretic Investigation of Conceptual Amelioration"

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Swiss National Science Foundation

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