CFP: Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture: Volume 4: no. 2 (12)/2020 Philosophy and Psychiatry

Submission deadline: March 1, 2020

Topic areas


This issue of our journal will be devoted to the relations between philosophy and psychiatry as well as to the cultural status of the latter.  

Modern philosophy of psychiatry starts at the beginning of the twentieth century with the first edition of the General Psychopathology (1913) by Karl Jaspers. Since that time, psychiatry has moved through many different phases, each promising to be the final and most effective and true paradigm: social, biological, pharmacological, evolutionary, and neurocognitive, among others. It perhaps could be said that it is still the great dream of psychiatry to achieve the status of being a pure medical science. But its history reveals a rather different situation. It is in a constant quest for its own identity. One of the tasks of philosophy is to keep psychiatry from forgetting this fact, and to secure less mechanistic and more humanistic approaches, by denying its dream of the one-myth-theory that would claim the rights to offer the full understanding of the nature of the issues of mental health. To fulfil this task, philosophy of psychiatry must take the form of philosophy of culture, since culture is the factor shaping each moment of the history of psychiatry up to the present day.

  Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture invites all high quality papers taking into account, with positive or negative evaluations, the fact that psychiatry is an interdisciplinary discourse, and that philosophy of psychiatry (or philosophy of mental health) intertwines with philosophy of culture.  

The list of topics include (but is not limited to):

 The relations between psychopathology and culture

 Cultural factors in psychopathological experience

 Pluralism in psychiatry and cultures of healing

 History of psychiatry in the context of modernity

 Applications of philosophy in psychiatry

 Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychology

 Questioning the Classifications and Diagnosis

 Phenomenological Psychopathology

 Scientific aspiration of mental health discourse

 The mind-body problem in the context of psychopathology

 Clinical practice and philosophy

 The role and status of experts in mental health

 The one-myth-theory in psychiatry

 Antipsychiatry, critical psychiatry and postpsychiatry

 New technologies in the context of mental health

 Future approaches in psychiatry  

Papers can be submitted by March 1st, 2020 to: [email protected] They have to be previously unpublished and they cannot be under consideration for publication elsewhere. They should be prepared for a double-blind review process.

Please, make sure that your paper complies with our submission standards which are posted here:

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