CFP (extended): Disagreements: from theory to practice (A special issue of Trames)

Submission deadline: May 1, 2020

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Disagreements: from theory to practice
A special issue of Trames: A Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences

The theoretical aspects of disagreements in fields such as ontology, logic, epistemology, and ethics have already received extensive treatment in the philosophical literature. What is much less discussed are the practical consequences of the theoretical models of disagreement. Our special issue dedicated to the applications of the accounts of disagreements in various fields attempts to bridge the gap between theory and practice.    

We welcome papers on this broad theme. Possible paper topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Moral disagreements, value conflicts and how to resolve them
  • Metaethical disagreements
  • The possibility of moral expertise
  • Introspective disagreements
  • Practical implications of the epistemology and metaphysics of disagreement
  • Deep disagreements and practice
  • Political disagreements
  • Aesthetic disagreements
  • Practical implications of moral disagreements to teaching ethics

Papers should be no longer than 10 000 words and be prepared for blind review. Please submit your paper by May 1st, 2020 (extended deadline). The articles peer-reviewed positively will be published in September 2020.  The special issue is edited by Bruno Mölder ([email protected]) and Kadri Simm ([email protected]) (University of Tartu).

Trames is a journal of the humanities and social sciences, published by the Estonian Academy of Sciences, the University of Tartu and the Tallinn University. It is indexed by EBSCO databases, AHCI, and SSCI (Clarivate Analytics), ProQuest and SCOPUS (Elsevier) among others. All the articles will be open access (funding provided by the Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies and research project IUT20-5).
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