CFP: (Postponed) Workshop on Embodied Cognition and Dance (Postponed)

Submission deadline: October 23, 2020

Conference date(s):
October 23, 2020 - October 24, 2020

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy, University of Memphis
Memphis, United States

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Despite being a paradigmatically embodied activity dance has received relatively little attention in the blossoming field of 4E cognition. What can dance teach us about the mind? Is dance cognition somehow different than everyday cognitive activity? What are the connections between dance, knowing, and learning? What can 4E theorists learn from dance and vice versa?

This workshop aims to bring together cutting edge thinking in dance studies, the empirical sciences and philosophy of mind with the underlying assumption that combining knowledge from these fields is a fruitful enterprise that can help us understand topics such as expert performance, expert cognition, phenomenology, social cognition, learning, and more.   We invite papers on all topics from all fields that combine dance and cognition broadly construed.

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#Dance, #Embodied Cognition, #Enactivism, #Interdisciplinary, #Dance Studies