The 74th Annual Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference

October 9, 2020 - October 11, 2020

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Arizona State University


University of Southern Indiana

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About the Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference

The Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference has been holding small, friendly, and philoosophically exciting annual meetings since 1947. Keynote speakers have included such prominent figures as Robert Audi, Lynne Rudder Baker, Tom L. Beauchamp, Simon Blackburn, Robert Brandom, Alburt Casullo, Hubert Dreyfus, Ronald Giere, Robert Kane, William Lycan, James Rachels, Richard Rorty, John Searle, Ted Sider, and Avrum Stroll. During the many years of its existence, the meeting has grown fromn a purely regional conference for philosophers from Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming to include participants from other parts of the United States and from around the world. We welcome papers in all areas of philosophical inquiry.

2020 Local Arrangements Chair: Rachel Robison-Greene (Utah State University)

2020 Program Chair: Richard Greene (Weber State University

2020 Program Assistant: Klaus Ladstaetter (UNLV)

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University of Southern Indiana

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