[POSTPONED] Space, Social Perception, and Mental Disorders

April 30, 2020
University Hospital Heidelberg, Section of Phenomenology, University of Heidelberg

Jaspers Library of the Centre for Psychosocial Medicine
Voßstraße 4
Heidelberg 69115

Keynote speakers:

Technical University of Darmstadt
University of Amsterdam

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Our one-day conference on Space, Social Perception, and Mental Disorders will take place in Heidelberg on April 30th, 2020, at the Jaspers Library, Voßstraße 4, 69115 Heidelberg.

A short description:

A large body of evidence suggests that others influence the way we experience space. The impact of other people on the way the world shows up for subjects is particularly evident in social environments. The bodily presence of other people often familiarizes the environment and allows affective, perceptual, and informational benefits. In mental disorders, the intimate relation between the experience of space and others seems to be altered. Mental pathologies often involve changes in the way subjects perceive others and consequently, in the way the world is experienced and indented. Our one-day conference focusses on the nature of this intriguing relationship. The primary objective of the conference is to help shed light on the underlying subjective structures that support the constitution of interpersonal spaces and their alterations within mental disorders.

Keynotes: Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg), Paula Reavey (London), Erik Rietveld (Amsterdam), and Sophie Loidolt (Darmstadt).

Everyone is welcome, but early registration is required. To register email [email protected]


Dr. Oren Bader & Daniel Vespermann

(Center for Psychosocial Medicine, HeidelbergUniversity Hospital)

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April 29, 2020, 8:00pm CET

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