CFP: CFA Central and Eastern Europe Translation Grants

Submission deadline: September 30, 2020

Topic areas


The Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion (IRC) at the University of Oxford is pleased to offer up to ten grants for the translation of books on Big Questions at the intersection of science, theology, and philosophy into Central and Eastern European (CEE) languages. Grants will be of $7500 per book or $15,000 if the target book is exceptionally complex but strategically important. Priority will be given to translations into Polish, Romanian, Czech, Hungarian and Ukrainian. However, translations into other CEE languages will be considered if a powerful justification is given. 


Texts proposed for translation will be scholarly works relevant to Big Questions at the intersection of science and religion. Both classic and contemporary texts are eligible. It is anticipated that most texts will be in theology, philosophy and natural science, but proposals from other academic disciplines are also welcome. Translations may be from any language and must be into a CEE language; the project is giving priority to Polish, Romanian, Czech, Hungarian or Ukrainian. Applicants must have appropriate linguistic and scholarly expertise and will usually have a proven track record in translation projects. It is anticipated that most projects will translate an individual monograph in its entity but other models, such as translations of multiple texts for an anthology, will also be considered. If you are unsure about the eligibility of a project, please contact the IRC at the project email address [email protected]


The IRC has shortlisted a number of texts on questions at the intersection of science and religion. Potential translators may apply to translate one of these if it is currently unavailable in the relevant language, or they may make their own proposal of a text for translation. In the latter case they will be required to offer a rationale in terms of the text’s academic importance, its relevance to core  project themes, and the unavailability or inadequacy of existing translations in the language in question. Information on the core themes can be found at the project website (

The following texts have been shortlisted by the IRC:

▪ William Lane Craig, The Kalām Cosmological Argument

▪ Tim Crane, Elements of Mind

▪ Edward Feser, Aristotle's Revenge: The Metaphysical Foundations of Physical and Biological Science

▪ Philip Goff, Galileo’s Error

▪ Iain McGilchrist, The Master and His Emissary

▪ Alfred Mele, Effective Intentions: The Power of Conscious Will

▪ Michael Murray and Jeffrey Schloss, The Believing Primate: Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Reflections on the Origin of Religion

▪ Michael Murray and Michael Rea, An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion

▪ Joseph Ratzinger, Eschatologie, Tod und ewiges Leben

▪ Roger Scruton, The Face of God

▪ Eleonore Stump, Wandering in Darkness: Narrative and the Problem of Suffering

▪ Richard Swinburne, Faith and Reason

▪ Charles Taylor, A Secular Age

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