CFP: Avant Special Issue "Cognitive Innovation for Social Change: Multiple Disciplinary Perspectives towards Sustainable Development"

Submission deadline: July 30, 2020

Topic areas


Researchers from academia, government, industry, and civic society are invited to present original theoretical, empirical, and practice-based research papers in areas including (but not limited to) the following: 

1. Interdisciplinary research on Sustainable Development Challenges through the lens of Cognitive Innovation and its related sub-themes, which include but are not limited to creativity, cognition, education, decision-making, behavioral change, theories of change, computational simulation and modelling, neurobiology, artificial intelligence, emerging information and communication technologies. 

2. Cognitive science for sustainable development research and action

3. From cell to society: autopoiesis and self-organizing systems for positive change 

4. Kickstarting a self-sustaining culture of curiosity and lifelong learning

5. Potential contributions of space research to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 

6. Moving forward together: intergenerational knowledge-creation, interactions, and relationships 

7. Kusa: self-determination, self-initiative, and agency 

8. Cognitive biomimicry: drawing inspiration from non-human animal cognition and social organization for human development

9. Cognitive scientific approaches to class, identity, and culture 

10. Psychological and cognitive scientific approaches to deception, trickery, and corruption 

11. Cross-disciplinary endeavors: art/science/humanities/technology/design collaborations 

12. Practices in building interdisciplinary environments to achieve sustainable development goals

We particularly welcome submissions related to the topics:

• Facing the aging population 

• Addressing compassion fatigue 

• Developing environmental empathy 

• Fixing social media

• Igniting education 

• Reimagining sustainability 

Original articles should be 3,000-9,000 words, including all elements (title page, abstract, main text, notes, references, etc). They should be prepared in accordance with the APA guidelines. The manuscripts will be refereed through a peer-review process. Only manuscripts of sufficient quality, accepted (or revised and accepted) by peer-reviewers and editors, will be published. Submissions should be made through our electronic editorial system. A guide for authors and a link to the submission system are available at

The deadline for submissions is 30th July, 2020. However, it is worth considering submitting your manuscripts much earlier than the deadline. Early submitted manuscripts are reviewed and published faster, in Online First mode. A faster reviewing process for early submitted manuscripts will be beneficial for authors, as well as will allow more flexibility in the editorial and publishing process. Regardless, all these articles will also be published in one collection.

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