Phenomenality and Self-Consciousness

July 23, 2020

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University of Hertfordshire
King's College London
King's College London
Czech Academy of Sciences
University of Hertfordshire
Czech Academy of Sciences
Czech Academy of Sciences


University of Hertfordshire
Czech Academy of Sciences

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The University of Hertfordshire and The Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy cordially invite you to an online workshop in the philosophy of mind

Phenomenality and Self-Consciousness

July 23, 2020


10:00–11:20 (BST) James Hill (Charles University): “Self-Consciousness and the Will”

Sam Coleman (Herts): commentary

11:30–12:30 (BST) Hynek Janoušek (Czech Acad Sci, Inst Philosophy): “Phenomenality and Self-Consciousness, Husserl on Brentano, Brentano on Husserl”

Lunch break (90 minutes)

14:00–15:00 (BST) Michelle Liu (Herts): “Revelation and the Intuition of Dualism”

15:10–16:10 (BST) Jakub Mihálik (Herts; Czech Acad Sci, Inst Philosophy): “Awareness of Awareness and the Metaphysics of Consciousness”

16:20–17:20 (BST) Sam Coleman (Herts): “Inverting Yablo on Mental Causation: Qualia as Super-Determinate Physical Properties”

17:30–18:15 (BST) panel discussion: “Is there a constitutive relation between phenomenal consciousness and certain form(s) of self-awareness?”

The online workshop is open to all but spaces are limited. Attendees need to pre-register by July 22. Pre-registration e-mail: [email protected]
The workshop is an outcome of the Consciousness and Matter Project (

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July 22, 2020, 2:00pm BST

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