CFP: The Heterodox in Logic and Reason (SAJL Special Issue)

Submission deadline: November 30, 2020

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The Heterodox in Logic and Reason (SAJL special issue dedicated to Francisco Miró Quesada Cantuarias)


South American Journal of Logic, edited by Jean-Yves Béziau and Marcelo Coniglio

Guest editors

 - Luis Felipe Bartolo Alegre (UNMSM/Perú)

 - José Carlos Cifuentes (UFPR/Brasil)

 - Evandro Luis Gomes (UEM/Brasil)

 Guest contributors:

 - Newton C. A. da Costa (UFSC/Brazil)

 - Otavio Bueno (UMiami/USA)

 - Walter Alexandre Carnielli (Unicamp/Brazil)

 - Alberto Cordero Lecca (CUNY/USA)

 - Luis Adolfo Piscoya Hemorza (UNMSM/Perú)

Key Dates

 - Submission deadline for full-length papers: November 30, 2020

 - Deadline for final versions: May 15, 2021

 - Expected publication date: July 2021


José Francisco Miró Quesada Cantuarias (1918-2019) was the most important Peruvian philosopher of logic and mathematics. He was mainly concerned with constructing a theory of reason adequate for understanding the most important logical and mathematical discoveries of his time: Gödel’s incompleteness theorems and “heterodox logics” —name coined by him.

He also coined the name “paraconsistent logic”, which designates those logical systems for which the principles of contradiction and explosion do not hold generally. He has also been a pioneer in the fields of deontic logic and logic of law with his article “La lógica del deber ser y su eliminabilidad” (The logic of ought and its eliminability), written the same year as von Wright’s Deontic Logic (1951).


This special issue of the South American Journal of Logic will consist of works based on his legacy. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

 - Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics

 - Theory of Reason

 - Logic and Metaphysics

 - Non-classical, Heterodox and Paraconsistent Logics

 - Deontic Logic and Logic of Law

 - Pedagogy of Logic and Mathematics

 - History of Latin American Logic

 - Studies of the FMQC’s works on these topics

We welcome both papers that concern directly FMQC’s works and original papers that simply address these topics.

Submission guidelines

Submit your manuscript properly blinded by November 30, 2020, to indicating your Name, Email and Institution in the body of the email.

All papers will be peer-reviewed and should consist of unpublished material not being considered for publication elsewhere. We encourage you to write your manuscript using the SAJL LaTeX template linked in the web of the event.


You can also present your paper at our World Logic Day 2021 event:


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