II Workshop Second-Person Perspective, Folk Psychology, and Narrativity

January 24, 2013 - January 25, 2013
Instituto de Estudios Sociales Avanzados


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Project “Agency, Normativity and Rationality.The Presence of the Subject in Action”

Hanne de Jaegher : Participatory sense-making and social interaction 

Discusant: Manuel Heras Escribano

Josep Corbí (University of Valencia) : The perplexities of Moral Disagreement and the Divided Conception of the Self
Discussant: Fernando Broncano

Manuel de Pinedo (University of Granada): When my own beliefs are not second-personal enough
Discussant: Jesús Navarro Reyes (US)

Antoni Gomila (University of Balearic Islands): From the second-person point of view to the third
Discussant: Víctor Fernández Castro (University of Granada)

Daniel Hutto (Hertfordshire University) 'Exposing the Background: Deep and Local'
Discussant: Jesús Vega Encabo

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